Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM)


Acupuncture is a system of Chinese Medicine which involves very fine needles being inserted into specific points along channels on the body in order to naturally rebalance energies throughout the body. TCM is a safe treatment with very few side effects when carried out by a fully qualified practitioner. It is also a safe treatment to have during pregnancy and can help reduce the need for medications in many cases.


TCM can be used to treat many conditions including but not limited to the following:


*Fertility enhancement for men and women

*Low energy and constant tiredness

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*Acid Reflux

*Headaches and migraine – especially where investigation reveals no known organic cause

*Chronic depression/anxiety

*Arthritis – management of osteo and rheumatoid

*Management of chronic pain and acute pain conditions

*Stress-related conditions and panic attacks

*Hay-fever and Allergies


What Should I Expect During My First Appointment?


During your first appointment we will have a chat about your health and lifestyle. This can be quite in-depth and may take up to 45 minutes so please be patient with me. This is to ensure that I have as much knowledge about you in order to help you to get the best from your Acupuncture sessions. Once we have completed our consultation we will carry out your first treatment, if you are nervous don’t worry just let me know!


How Will I Feel After My Appointment?


After any appointment you may feel relaxed, tired, energised and in some cases light headed. You will be fine to drive after your appointment and go ahead with your daily routine as normal.