Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine, unlike hypodermic needles, most people hardly feel them being inserted. You may feel sensations such as a dull ache, warmth or tingling either as the needles are inserted or during the time that the needles are retained.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Acupuncture is a very personal treatment and can take as little as 1-2 sessions for some cases, although it is usual to need at least 4-6 to see changes in more chronic conditions.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

When performed by a qualified and licensed professional, acupuncture is extremely safe. Choosing a BAcC member guarantees that your acupuncturist has been trained to a high standard.

All needles are disposable and unlike many prescription drugs, acupuncture is virtually side-effect free.

No serious adverse events from acupuncture were found in over 34,000 treatments with the most common side effects reported being "feeling relaxed" and "feeling energised" according to the York Safety Survey.