Cosmetic Acupuncture


For those who want to improve their skin whilst avoiding harsh chemicals and surgical procedures, Facial Acupuncture is a gentle and natural way to improve the skin by increasing blood circulation, collagen production and skin elasticity.


Fine needles are inserted into acupuncture points in the arms and legs to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, helping your body to feel good on the inside. Acupuncture points are then needled directly on the face, chosen specifically to lift muscles, improve skin tone and elasticity and increase blood and lymph circulation. Very tiny needles are used directly into unwanted lines on the face to increase the natural production of collagen to naturally ‘plump’ the skin, reducing the appearance of these lines.


This treatment is completed with an application of a collagen mask and soothing Gua Sha to maximise the effects. Skin looks brighter, healthier and with lines being reduced, much younger!


I have been specially trained by Paul Adkins, founder of Facial Enhance® UK to ensure that the Facial Acupuncture treatments I provide are done to the highest standard.

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